El Fin

“El fin”.  If you happen to know any Spanish, you know that this means, “the end”.  It is with much sadness, that I am reporting on the closure of our beloved paper, the Oxbow-Carnduff Herald-Gazette.  It was announced to our office that the paper will close its doors at the end of this month.  Our final issue will be published on December 22, 2017 just prior to the Christmas holiday.

Many of you took note of the closure of other papers within the Star News Family.  We now have confirmation that we are included in the closures.

We have enjoyed serving you, our communities, with news and events happening in our area over the years.  We have appreciated all of our readers, advertisers, and contributors more than we can even express.

Any subscriptions will be ended as of the December 22, 2017 issue with any remaining balance to be refunded to subscribers.

I, as the reporter, have spent the last 9 months attending a variety of events, meeting a wide range of our community members and doing my best to bring you the news of our area.  I only wish it was longer.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to meet as many of you as I could and give you a glimpse of South East Saskatchewan as I saw it.   I thank each and every one of you for reading and supporting our efforts.  Chrystal and I have enjoyed serving our communities as staff of the Herald-Gazette.

If you have any questions or comments, please forward those to our offices in Prince Albert, by contacting Donna at 306-764-4276.