The Red Devils win season home opener 7-1

The Red Devils celebrate their second goal in the first period made by #17 Cody Moore. Photo by Melissa Buchanan Collver/The Herald-Gazette

The Red Devils hosted the Carlyle Cougars during their season home opener on November 4.  The Red Devils demolished the Cougars, with a score of 7-1.

The Red Devils started off the game right, scoring two goals in the first period, while the Cougars tried to keep them at bay.  The first goal scored was by #2 Kody Martin, with the second goal scored by teammate, #17 Cody Moore.

The second period saw a lot of action again by the Red Devils, with the Cougars biting at their feet as they skated their way to 3 more goals.  First with a goal by #10 Shawn Gallant in the beginning of the period, followed up by #5 Brandon Trask.  Finally, a third goal in the second period was made by #9 Austin Holliday assisted by #8 Blake McMillen and #3 Braden Dumaine.

The Cougars attempted to fight back in the third period, scoring their first goal at the beginning of the period.  They were no match for the Red Devils who came back with two more goals.  First by #13 Jason Boyes and then by #27 Mark Moriarty.  The Red Devils shut down the Cougars, winning the game with a huge lead, 7-1.


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