Oxbow Huskies Win Home Opener 8-7

Celebration of the first goal scored at home by #18 Bryson Mayer. Photo by Melissa Buchanan Collver/The Herald-Gazette

The Oxbow Huskies hosted the Yellow Grass Wheat Kings in their season home opener on Nov. 3.  The game started out with a bang, with the Huskies #18 Bryson Mayer scoring the first goal only minutes into the first period.

The Wheat Kings followed with their first goal only seconds later.  The first period ended with the Wheat Kings up by 1.

The second period was an exciting one, with the Huskies bringing in 5 goals within the period.  Two goals were made by #4 Brycen Odgers.  Other teammates took their turns scoring agains the Wheat Kings, including #43 Taysen Holt, #24 Cole Skjonsby and #13 Braden Brock.

The Wheat Kings tried their best in the second period, scoring two goals.

The third period kept fans on their feet in excitement as the Huskies and Wheat Kings battled it out, the Wheat Kings tied everything up with their first and second goals in the third period only minutes in.  The Huskies countered with a two goals back to back, (scored by #18 Bryson Mayer and #57 Klae Bayda) leaving the Wheat Kings down two headed into the last 5 minutes of the game.  The Wheat Kings scored one last goal, but it wasn’t enough to take home the win.  The Huskies claimed the game as theirs, winning with a final score of 8-7.


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