Lessons Learned

I am just amazed that we made it out of Halloween unscathed by winter, only to have winter at the front door the very next morning.  Mother nature sure planned that one out well.  If that snow and the super chilly temps would have just been one day sooner my Halloween would have ended much more abruptly than it did.

Most days I feel pretty ready for winter, I mean it is November, so I expect it by now usually.  I look outside and am happy to see the blanket of white covering the yard.  I don’t mind it much.  That is, until I go to get in the truck.  We have a remote start, but even with that, things are awfully chilly when you jump in that truck first thing.  Ugh – that by far is my least favourite part of winter.  Sitting on cold leather seats.

Ok so back to what I learned this week.  It was a fairly quiet weekend, with the hockey games being the most exciting part.  I learned that there is nothing quite like a hockey game.  I grew up watching college hockey, as there was a team in my hometown, Lake Superior State University.  So, we would go and watch, even taking in a Detroit Redwings game or two.  Hockey wasn’t life, but it was fun to watch.  I still enjoy it, though I must admit I haven’t sat down to watch a hockey game in awhile.  (I usually limit my sport viewing to boxing or MMA fights unless I know someone playing personally).  Just going to take pictures at the Huskies and Red Devil games, I got excited, even losing myself and cheering instead of snapping my shutter for a few minutes.  Way to go boys on both teams for winning your season home openers last weekend!

I also learned that there are some things that can really improve the warmth and invitingness of your home.  Hubby and I have been putting off getting new rugs as it didn’t seem to be quite a necessity – until the snow fell.  No one likes tracking snow through your nice warm house, leaving little puddles by the door.  So, we went out and got new rugs, and my oh my do I like them.  Something so simple and it has improved our little home so much.  This is how you know you are no longer young, when you write a newspaper article about loving rugs, my Lord what has happened to me?

Lastly, I learned that hubby and I can sure tear through that Halloween candy.  After trick or treating, and combining our left overs with what Abel received, we made two piles, one of all the treats the boy can have, chocolates and other candies that are easily eaten.  Then we made a pile of candies that the boy couldn’t have, just being too little, things that were too chewy, gum, etc.  Guess who still has a nice big pile?  The boy.  Guess who’s pile is just about gone?  Mom and dad’s.  This is ridiculous…don’t I know better?  Who let me be in charge?  I obviously need better supervision!

So there you have it, I like watching hockey, gorging on Halloween candy, and staring at my new rugs.  Doesn’t my life sound exciting? Ha ha ha.  Well readers, it’s off to put together a paper.  I hope you all had a great first week of November, and an even better second.  Almost time to start your Christmas shopping, don’t forget to keep your eye out for information on the Carnduff and Oxbow Christmas shopping days in town.  I will be in Oxbow taking pictures with Santa.  See you soon!


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