Lessons Learned

This week took me from one end of our service area to the other.  From Carnduff’s Terry Fox Run to Gainsborough’s Rocking the Rink Fundraiser, and then back to Oxbow for Mom’s Night Out.  It was a busy week, but so many fun things going on.

First off, I learned that the guys and gals of Gainsborough must make a mean pie.  Considering one pie sold for $850 at their Rockin the Rink fundraiser, I figure either their pies are as close to heaven as a human being can come on this earth, or the people of Gainsborough love their rink so much that they would donate that much money for only a pie (and improvements to the rink) in return.  Actually, now that I think about it, let’s just assume that both of those are true.

I also learned that whenever I think that my little guy has pushed my buttons as much as he can, he turns it around to have one of the most peaceful and happy days ever and makes all right in the world again.  This weekend, my boy and I snuggled, and laughed and danced.  It was just what the doctor ordered as he has been rather interesting lately, trying to navigate toddlerhood and not always in an easy way.  Let’s just say I was due for a nice, calm, wonderful bonding weekend with my boy.  It was wonderful.  So much so that I didn’t even mind hubby spending most of the weekend in his garage working in his forge.

Lastly, I learned that Carnduff’s Terry Fox Run is serious business.  The amount of money the school has raised since beginning their Terry Fox runs is amazing.  I was so impressed by how much the kids raised for the Terry Fox Foundation.  It motivates me to do better when I am tasked with fundraising for something.  Those kids did an amazing job.

These communities continue to surprise me with how amazing they are at taking care of their communities (the Alameda and Carnduff rink improvements as well as Gainsborough’s Rink fundraiser are good examples of just how dedicated community members are to taking care of their communities).  I am also always so impressed by how quickly people stand up to help, offer a hand, or funds for a good cause.  Way to go SE Sask on all of your hard work towards improving and maintaining our communities.

Until next week readers.  I hope you are all enjoying the crisp fall weather as well as the lightening show the other night.  I know I feel like I had been waiting for a good lightening show all year!  I was able to watch the lightening all the way to Gainsborough from Oxbow.  It was a great show!


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