Remembering Oxbow

Dave Coleman to return to Oxbow to revisit father’s time here

Dave Coleman, a man from Warwick, UK has faint memories of his time in Oxbow.  He was born here in July 1959, with Dr. Galloway delivering him to his parents, Dennis and Liz.  That is where this story begins.

Dennis and Liz first immigrated to Canada in 1957.  They took up residence in Carievale with Dennis becoming a teacher in Carievale.  Liz began a nursing job in Oxbow at the hospital.   Just one year later, Dennis accepted a job as the principal of Oxbow Elementary School.  The family then moved to Oxbow, living in housing provided by the school board and town of Oxbow.

They soon had their son, Dave at the Oxbow Hospital.  Dave has fond memories of babysitters taking care of him as his parents worked.  He also remembers being taken to the Stewart family farm, which he enjoyed very much, especially during harvest.

The family lived in Oxbow until the summer of 1963, when they decided to return to the UK to be closer to relatives.  Dennis continued his career in education in the UK.  He retired in 1986.  He enjoyed a happy and full retirement with his wife, Liz.

Unfortunately, Dennis passed away in 2016.  During his last few conversations with his son, Dave, he often mentioned his time at Oxbow.  He would often reminisce of his time living and working here.


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