Paws paddle at the pools

Kianah Dyer with her pup Baxter in the Oxbow pool during the end of the season dog swim. Photo by Melissa Buchanan Collver/The Herald-Gazette

The Oxbow and Carnduff pools ended their seasons this last week with a new twist on an end of the season offer – a dog swim!

Both pools opened up their last few hours to area K-9s to enjoy the facilities with their doggie pals.

Oxbow hosted a pool party for area residents following the back to school BBQ hosted at Oxbow Prairie Horizons in which children and adults without passes were able to enter the pool for a toonie.  The event saw children trickle in following their stop at the school to drop off supplies.

The following day was their dog swim, with over 15 dogs attending the event.  There was excitement in the air as furry pups galloped around the pool, jumping in and out while chasing their new friends.  The owners of the dogs stood by the side of the pool watching, and some even got in on the fun joining their K-9 companions for a little dip.

Carnduff finished off their season (for patrons of the human variety) on September 3, allowing Carnduff and area residents to get in one last dip over the long weekend.

On Tuesday, September 5, the Carnduff staff opened their doors to the towns four legged friends.


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