Glamming up the garden at the Galloway

The new courtyard is almost double it's original size. New fence surrounds the new space. Photo by Melissa Buchanan Collver/The Herald-Gazette.

Residents, family and staff are anxiously anticipating the completion of the new and improved courtyard being renovated at the Galloway Health Centre in Oxbow.  The Healthcare Auxiliary admits that it is a project they have wanted to do for some time.

“It’s been so long coming,” said Alison Duncan, President of the Auxiliary, “the Auxiliary has been talking about this for over 8 years.”

The Auxiliary began raising funds for the project years ago, however required the installation of a wander alert system for the safety of their residents before this project could come to fruition.

“Tammy Halvorson really took initiative to get this project going”, said Duncan.  Halvorson, who works at the centre approached the Auxiliary about spearheading the project.  The group was happy to have someone who had some knowledge and experience to lead the team in accomplishing a courtyard renovation.

The renovations to the courtyard, which are currently in process, have expanded the courtyard by almost double its previous size.  A new fence was installed, and new cement poured to allow the residents and their families a more open and enjoyable space to use for visiting or special events.  The garden was expanded with new flowers and plants added.  New trees were planted in the centre of the courtyard.

The outdoor space will become even more usable for entertaining and special events with the addition of new power supplies throughout, a new pergola and BBQ area.

While the renovations are currently underway, the Auxiliary continues to have big plans for the space.  Tara Brock, who is helping to organize fundraising for the space says, “the finishing touches on the area are still to be done.”  Future additions the Auxiliary is currently fundraising for include: adding a pergola, where the residents can sit and enjoy the outdoors or to host entertainment; adding a wheelchair swing, where residents can swing with their family members and friends; adding a raised garden bed at wheelchair height, where the residents can help to grow vegetables and fruit.   Letters are being sent out regarding the fundraising and those interested in donating to the project are encouraged to contact an Auxiliary member such as Tammy Halvorson, Marlene Rucks or Alison Duncan.


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