Back to School in Alameda

Grade 9 students, Lindon Schiestel and Bryce Gibson, line up to fill their belly’s with delicious BBQ during the Alameda School Back to School BBQ. Photo by Melissa Buchanan Collver/The Herald-Gazette

Children and their parents swarmed to the Alameda school on Monday, September 4 for the school’s Back to School BBQ.  The BBQ, offered by the Alameda SCC takes place the night before school starts every year.  Attendees were offered hot dogs and hamburgers, cooked by volunteers from the SCC.

President of the SCC, Connie Martens, said, “the kids bring their supplies in, the teachers are all here to introduce themselves, help the students put their stuff away.”

This gives new students and parents an opportunity to become familiar with the school, teachers, staff and other families.  It helps to ease those first day jitters being felt by new students.  Which is good news for the almost 10 new students joining the returning students at Alameda.

“Our numbers are up,” said Principal Jeff Cameron, “we were originally anticipating about 85, however we have 94 enrolled.”  Cameron continued, “We are happy to have new families coming in, we are always excited for the new year.”


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