Spearing named Saskatchewan Legend

Ken Spearing, a trucking company owner from Oxbow, was recently awarded the honour of being a Southeast Saskatchewan Legend during the Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show in Weyburn on June 7. Minister of Energy and Resources Dustin Duncan read Ken’s biography during the induction.

During the biography, Duncan shared that Ken grew up with a love for trucks, often playing with them in his sand box when he was a child. When he was just 12 years old, he hauled grain from the combine at harvest time with a Pontiac truck. He also, at one time, hauled for the RM with a 1946 Ford three-ton farm truck to gravel the roads.

Ken started his oilfield career in 1953 and shortly after, in 1954 he went to work for Frye Construction building leases for the newly found oil in southeast Saskatchewan.  He even worked as a roughneck on the drilling rigs during his days off.

Ken purchased a tank truck from Ernie Bowman and in 1957 he and Ernie formed Bowman & Spearing Trucking.


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