Lessons Learned

Another quiet week around the community.  Many friends and neighbors made their way up to Moosomin for the fireworks festival.  It looks like it was a great time.  Maybe when the boy is a little older we will try to go, as it is now he just sleeps through them.

We have gotten a couple of good rains now, which is nice.  Glad to have the yard looking green and less like a barren wasteland.  Although now I have to have it mowed.  I am sure the boy who does my lawn will be thankful I am finally calling him back out after a month of not needing him.

This week was pretty calm and quiet so there isn’t much to share.  I did, however, learn a couple of things.

First, I learned that if you take 4 toddlers into a corn maze, you better have your running shoes on.  Or have a search party on the ready.  My friends and I took our four 15-18-month olds to the corn maze in Frobisher.  Luckily, we had three out of four of the dads with us too, because those boys thought the corn maze was amazing and enjoyed running through it’s twists and turns.  But those corners come quickly and they boys were jetting around them fast.  All of the moms and dads were bobbing and weaving through the maze trying to make sure they didn’t loose sight of their little ones.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, I would suggest a quick trip to Frobisher.  It was fun, and just the right level of difficulty to provide us with a good laugh.

Next, I learned that having a Monday off for the holiday completely throws off my work week.  I use Mondays in the Oxbow office to write my stories from the week.  Without this Monday, I was trying my hardest to write at home and then when I got to the office I had to make up what I couldn’t get done with my toddler underfoot.  I might be one of a very small group of people who actually like their Mondays.

Lastly, I learned that I am so ready for fall.  Fall is my favorite season.  The weather gets cooler, and I can snuggle up in a sweatshirt or sweater.  The air becomes crisp and smells like fall.  The leaves change and everything has a burnt orange color that I love.  But mostly, I look forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving – two of the best holidays.  I love dressing up, I love dressing up my child, I love going house to house, I love handing out candy and seeing the creativity of the children at my door.  I am counting down the days.  Then who doesn’t like thanksgiving?  Food, food, food…. yum!

Well readers, that’s it for another week.  I am anxious for school to start back up so that I have some fun events to go to – August is a bit slow on the event side.  I look forward to all that is to come this fall as well.  Give me a heads up if you have something great the paper should cover!   See you next week!


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