Go Science!

The children of Oxbow and surrounding communities attended the Go Science presentation at the Oxbow Friendship Centre on August 4; in what the Go Science staff say was their “biggest group all summer.”

The Expressway Family Centre and Oxbow Public Library staff invited children to the event.

With over 50 children from Oxbow, Alameda, Carnduff and even Carievale; the Go Science event, put on thanks to a grant from the Community Initiative Fund’s summer grant program was a huge success.

The program originates from the Saskatchewan Science Centre, and aims to bring features from the centre to rural communities.  J.P. Belanger and Shannon Patoine join up together to bring these events to life.  Belanger said, “we do these events all year in smaller communities.”  He continued, “we like to bring a little piece of the Science Centre to these communities, and we always have such a positive response.”  Belanger commented that of all the events he has presented at this summer, Oxbow’s was by far the biggest, with the most children in attendance.

The event, which was free for children of the community thanks to the grant, was open to children of all ages and from areas throughout southeast Saskatchewan.   Children as young as one year joined their siblings, friends and parents to watch demonstrations, participate in experiments and learn more about physics, geology, biology and more!

The event started with the children working in small groups to build balloon cars, powered by air exiting a balloon strapped to the car.  The children were able to test their cars, then make improvements and retest.  Belanger said, “we like to try to be very hands on.”  He continued, “we want this to be a very interactive science experience for the kids.”

Ethan Schultz, form Oxbow, said, “It was a little tricky to build the car.  It didn’t turn the right way at first.”


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