Ribbon cutting at Bow Valley Park

Richard Lamontagne and other Recreation Board Members pose with Leila Kitz and Daxton Brown who helped to cut the ribbon during the Bow Valley Park grand opening ceremony. Photo by Melissa Buchanan Collver/The Herald-Gazette.

Oxbow residents gathered for a day of ball games and the celebration of the Bow Valley Park grand opening.  The ball fields were buzzing most of the day with players young and old, and their families and friends spectating.

The Lions Club offered a beef on a bun supper to park attendees.  The new concession stand was also open and busy with activity serving snacks to ball fans.   Mark Kosior, member of the Bow Valley Park Revitalization project, said, “there have been a lot of baseball families here today.  It’s nice to see the concession stand done up in time and we hope it sees lots of use.”

There were also games set up for attendees including ladder ball, bean bag toss and a tug of war.

According to Richard Lamontagne, who gave a great speech prior to the ribbon cutting, there were already steps taken prior to the flood of 2011 to revitalize the park.  The flood just confirmed those plans and forced action to be taken to revitalize and revamp the park.  Fundraising for the park began in 2012.

It was thanks to Girard Bulk and Shaw Earthmoving, Lamontagne stated during his speech, that the park will fair better if there were to be any future flooding.  They have taken special care and precaution to grade and slope the park in a way to encourage proper water flow from the park in a case such as that.


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