Lessons Learned

There was no shortage of events this week.  I spent a most of my time between the Alameda Fair, Bow Valley Park, and Carievale Track Meet.  I also spent some time at OPHS meeting up with Leighton Dyck and her kindergarten classmates for Bee Happy day.

This week I learned that Alameda can put on an awesome fair.  I wasn’t expecting it to be as big and eventful as it was.  I was actually upset that I left my son home to nap instead of taking him with.  He would have been in heaven!  There was so much going on and so much to see.  It was really great to see how much work went into planning it.  It was even better to see so many people, from all over the area, enjoying the festivities.  I will definitely remember that for next year, make sure my boy is well rested and ready to join in on the fun.

I also learned that I am in love with how nice the new digs are at the Bow Valley Park.  The concession stand was used all weekend, for the Superhero Run and the Grand Opening, not to mention the mass amounts of ball games taking place this weekend at the park.  It was great to see so many people out enjoying the new park so much.  It is so lovely and such a great asset to our community!

I was able to watch the whole community support Bee Happy day in an effort to raise awareness for Grin2B for the Dyck family this week.  The idea for Bee Happy day caught on like wildfire and even spread to other communities.  Amazing!  Christina Dyck is quite the advocate for her little lady, Leighton.

I learned on Monday that there is not much more stressful in a day than cleaning your house for a showing with two toddlers and a very large dog running around undoing everything you have done.  The house we are renting is on the market and it was to be shown on Monday night.  My husband and I went through and cleaned Saturday in preparation, but as I am sure many of you know, with a toddler nothing stays clean for long.  So Sunday night, we again cleaned, but left some things for Monday after I returned from work so that they would be nice and fresh for the viewing at 6:30.  What a mistake that was!  Here I was with my toddler, and his friend (whom I had agreed to watch before I remembered that I needed to clean the house for a showing), and my big German Shepherd all running around like crazy little monkeys, pulling things off shelves, throwing balls out of the ball pit, crunching crackers on the floor, all while I am trying to clean.  I ended up loading us all in the truck well before we had to leave just so they couldn’t tear anything else apart before we had to go.  Remind me to find a sitter for the husband, dog and boy for the day before any future showings.

With Father’s Day approaching, I also learned that I really can’t thank my husband enough for what a great dad he is to our little man.  He really is outstanding, and our boy just adores his daddy.  I hope all of the father’s reading have an excellent Father’s Day this year, you are truly irreplaceable.

I am sure I learned many more lessons, but these were definitely the stand outs in my mind this week.  Stay tuned next week for more lessons.

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