Parenting Tips

Your 2 Year Old

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When children reach age two, it can be great fun for parents some of the time, and thoroughly frustrating at others. Your child may show tremendous spontaneity, trying new things all on his own, being really cute as he pushes to be independent. But, this age can also be challenging, with tantrums and sudden, unexpected changes in emotions.

About this time, “NO!” is your child’s favourite answer. She needs help, but doesn’t want it. She feels small, but wants to be big. She can be clinging and afraid you will abandon her, and in the next moment she may want nothing to do with you.

Except for adolescence, this may be the most challenging time for parents. You may feel frustrated, and perhaps rejected, and it’s a real struggle to find the right balance in handling a child who seems to want to be independent, but still really needs you.

Routines may help in getting through the day, but try not to stick to them so closely that you and your child get into battles. Be as flexible as you can. Let your child feed himself. Give limited choices, such as “the red shirt or the green shirt?”

If your child is in a very negative stage, it’s not a good time to try toilet training. Wait until they are older.

Remember, each child is unique. Not all children develop at the same rate. If you have concerns about your child’s development, you should consult your health care provider.

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