Halloween Party tonight

The Ralph Allen Memorial Museum is holding a Halloween Party tonight.

By Taylor Sabourin

The Ralph Allen Memorial Museum is holding a Halloween Party tonight from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the old Expressway Family Centre on Main Street.

The event holds no cost to get in.

“The event is free, it’s our time to give back to the community,” said Janell Ranae Rempel, a member of the museum board.

“It’s not a haunted house in the traditional sense.”

The event will hold multiple themes for people with various interests. There will be two doors to choose from.

Door No. 1 will feature games, candy and free hot chocolate in the main space. This area will have the lights on and have an inviting atmosphere. Contests such as guess the weight of the pumpkin will be held in this area and Star Mercer Photography will have a booth set up for anyone that wants their picture taken.

Door No. 2 will lead upstairs to a creepier atmosphere. A vintage cocktail party theme and a retro dance party them will be available for patrons to enjoy, although no alcohol will be served at the event at any time.

As the building is still under construction, not all areas of the building will be accessible to the public.

A lot has changed this year in concerns to the event. Not only is it a new location but the date is different as well. Normally held on Halloween night, this year the event will go on Oct. 28.

The board is also still looking for volunteers to help with the event; from serving hot chocolate to leading ‘tours’ of the building or running a game.

Anyone can help with the event and if you would like to help out contact the library or the museum.

For more information you can call Janel Ranae Rempel at the library, 306 483 5175.

– Oxbow Herald –